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Rare Pairs, Week 1 Round Up


We've finished our first week of posting for our Rare Pairs fest at mwpp_mischief. Please take some time to check out some of these great pieces!

All You Need Easter hols sixth year, James shows Remus that there's nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant to be. (It's easy.)
James/Remus [light R]

Beautiful Misfits War is brewing, and sixteen-year-old Sirius Black has chosen the family he made over the family he was born to. But coming home isn't always easy, and young hearts don't always listen to danger.
James/Sirius [PG]

Going, Going... (Gone) “It was like a leaf loving a hurricane. It couldn’t last.”
Lily/Alice [PG-13]

If You Ever Want To Play James newest prank on Severus takes a surprising turn.
James/Severus [NC-17]

Irresistable Force In which the question 'How can Regulus get Remus to notice him?' is answered by: Threatening to jump off of the Astronomy Tower, obviously.
Remus/Regulus [PG-13]

Mess When news comes that a friend has died in the war, Lily and Sirius take solace in each other to numb the pain.
Sirius/Lily [NC-17]

On Golden Sands Even after they're both long since gone, Alice will remember him like a hazy dream—his insurmountable youth and the taste of the sea in the air.
James/Alice [R]

Train Wreck A couple of drinks too many set fire to a flammable situation.
Sirius/Lily [PG-13]

Why We Fight They met on September 1st 1971. And every year after that they remember how much they cared.
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