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Marauder Rare Pairs ♦ Week 2 Round-up

Another week over, another set of fantastic Rare Pair offerings at mwpp_mischief! Please don't forget to read and leave our amazing participants some much deserved love!

A Family After Harry leaves for Hogwarts, Sirius, Remus and Lily have to reevaluate their relationship and find out more about the relationship in the process.
Sirius/Remus/Lily [G]

A Rebellious Moses Sirius remembers the people he once loved, and tries to cope with breaking all the rules he thought he lived by.
Sirius/Lily [PG-13]

Doubt Is Painful Many factors can point to why a choice may be a bad idea. Sirius tries to convince Lily that those factors don't matter.
Sirius/Lily [PG]

Getting Her Own Black Lily catches James doing something and that sends her off looking for her own Black brother with whom to exact revenge.
Lily/Regulus [Hard R]

Half of Something Else During the war, Alice and Lily find a moment of peace.
Lily/Alice [PG-13]

Here Is The House Five times Peter saw something he shouldn’t have (and one time he missed).
James/Sirius [R]

It's Not About Love At the height of the war, as Emmeline is about to graduate, she has some important decisions to make concerning her future.
Regulus/Emmeline [PG-13]

Secret Love Why did Regulus take the locket horcrux from the cave?
James/Regulus [PG-13]

The Hogwarts Express And then suddenly Remus was very alone in his compartment.
Remus/Lily [PG]

Thy Own Life's Key Lily and Remus were study partners, and then they were friends. But, now, Lily thinks they'd be rather good as something more.
Lily/Remus [PG-13]

What's Mine Is Yours The night Sirius ran away from Grimmauld he went to James’s house in search of a new home
James/Sirius [PG-13 / R]
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