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Marauder Rare Pairs ♦ Week 3 Round-up

Welcome to the Week 3 Round-up for mwpp_mischief 's Marauder Rare Pairs Fest! With these three fics, we officially wrap up Marauder Rare Pairs. Please don't forget to read and leave the authors feedback.

Smoke and Mirrors Exactly as the prompt says. Petunia has to deal with the consequences of a love potioned James for a day!
James/Petunia [PG]

The Hard Way James is frustrated with his life – especially with his love life. Regulus Black turns out to be a great distraction.
James/Regulus [NC-17]

The Moon So High When Remus and Lily return to Hogwarts from the worst Christmas ever, they find solace in each other.
Remus/Lily [PG-13]
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