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Fic: On Golden Sands

Title: On Golden Sands
Author: museme87
Pairing: James/Alice (with past Lily/James and present Alice/Frank)
Rating: R
Word Count: 2,894
Warnings: sexual situations, infidelity, age disparity (18/27)
Summary: Even after they're both long since gone, Alice will remember him like a hazy dream—his insurmountable youth and the taste of the sea in the air.
Author's Notes: Written for mwpp_mischief's Marauder Rare Pairs fest based on this prompt. Alice and James have become something of a guilty pleasure of mine, and it was a pleasure writing them. I wouldn't let the warning for infidelity scare anyone off, especially those who love Alice/Frank, as it's firmly established in the fic where Alice's heart lies. Thanks to L for the beta. The lyrics within the fic and the title both come from Bobby Darin's "Beyond the Sea".

On Golden Sands
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